Erotic massage services in Odessa

Massage salon «Chao Yang» in Odessa invites you to plunge into the sea of ​​sensual pleasures and feel the beauty of tantric and erotic massage.
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anti-stress massage, with aromatherapy elements to relieve stress and increase vitality
Erotic massage
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Our gentle sorceresses will melt your heart, calm your nerves, warm up your body. Cozy atmosphere, light music, attractive masseuses …

Maximum pleasure! Around the clock. Very affordable prices.

Confidentiality guaranteed!

Erotic massage services in Odessa prices:

erotic massage 1 hour:

1 girl — 500 UAH

2 girls — 700 UAH

Erotic massage complex 2 hours (wellness):

1 girl — 750 UAH

2 girls — 950 UAH

prostate massage — 350 UAH

female massage:

single — from 600 UAH

Complex “ A Thousand and One Nights ” — two girls, two relax, lesbian show, champagne, 2 hours — 1200 UAH

Complex » Cream Show » — two girls, lesbian show, champagne, two relax, 2 hours -1100 UAH

Complex » Tornado » — 800 UAH

Complex » Geisha » — 700 UAH

Complex » Mrs. » — 800 UAH

Massage with warm tangerines / oranges:

Juicy, fragrant, spicy and at the same time relaxing massage with tangerines. Especially according to the requirements, and only on the eve of the holidays we have prepared for you a show program similar to which you will not find throughout the country. The rehearsed movements will dip you into the atmosphere of the New Year holidays, juicy fruits will add spice.

Massage relaxing:

A calm pace and smooth, gliding movements characteristic of a general relaxing erotic massage exclude sharpness and strength. The erotic system is similar to the energy flow, the main theme of which is repeated again and again, but with some variations for each part of the body.

Smooth and gentle strokes are carried out on large areas of soft tissue of the body. It has a relaxing and soothing effect.

Relax massage:

The technique of relaxing massage is based on the relationship between the brain, mental organs, and muscles, which ensure that we perform all movements. We are designed so that in moments of mental excitement our muscles involuntarily tense. Muscles, in turn, also affect mental well-being.

The more relaxed the muscles of the body, the fewer impulses from them to the brain. And when the brain receives less stimulating signals from the periphery of the body, it begins to calm down. This physiological pattern is used in the method of relaxing massage. This type of massage is primarily aimed at restoring and maintaining human energy.

Anti stress massage:

with aromatherapy elements to relieve stress and increase vitality: anti-stress massage is the best means of psycho-emotional harmonization and increased resistance to the effects of stress factors.

Various relaxation techniques are used to relieve nervous tension and gain psychological comfort.

Erotic massage:

Erotic massage is a way to get pleasure, relax and get new unusual pleasures. Based on the natural desire of men to have fun, erotic massage is the path leading to a new world of previously unknown erotic pleasures. Erotic massage serves as a link between relaxation and real intimacy. Erotic massage can be one of the ways to get pleasure, and for someone it can be an effective way to search for new sensations and pleasures that are much more diverse and sensual than previously thought. If you are too tired or depressed to enjoy sex, then an erotic massage in the Chao Yang oriental massage salon will help you to relax and, without straining, experience a lot of new, beautiful, sensual experiences. Erotic massage can have a relaxing and toning effect. Erotic massage is an unusual bright experience of a unique feeling.

Prostate massage (100% improvement in potency):

Since the beginning of the prostate massage in the treatment of chronic prostatitis, the opinions of scientists about the effectiveness of this procedure have been mixed. Some scientists have considered this procedure as definitely harmful to the body. However, at the moment there is a large amount of evidence of the beneficial effects of prostate massage, as a treatment for chronic prostatitis, to restore the function of the prostate gland.

Wellness Massage:

A wellness massage is a wonderful procedure of a general health character. With a wellness massage due to the mechanical action of the massage therapist’s hands on the muscles, skin and other organs, the supply of blood to the tissues improves, the muscles dissolve, the vessels expand and the skin condition improves. For relaxation, relaxation and stress relief will help anti-stress massage. Antistress massage is mainly aimed at restoring and maintaining human energy.

Oriental relax Thai massage:

Elite, bio-energetic massage. Him in its present form at least a thousand years.

Designed to release the flow of internal energy and its stimulation.

The main part is the revitalization and stimulation of all vital forces by affecting the main bioactive points, channels and vital centers of your body. Massage involves working out the muscles, ligaments and joints by stretching, pressing, stretching and vibration. Soft spinal correction.

The massage is performed with your fingers, palms, elbows, knees and feet. The main characteristic is activity, rigidity, strength. Aromatic oils, with which a massage therapist rubs your entire body, bring you an extra charge of vitality, activate the mind, increase sexuality and have a powerful bio-energy effect.

Lesbian show :

Two girls in erotic dance, frankly caressing each other, kindle your fire of passion. Then you will find yourself in the center of their attention and feel the full beauty of this game. If you want to be the third with two girls who know the art of erotic massage — this is your choice

Body massage :

Professional full body massage — from toes to the cervical vertebrae, with repeated (optional) bringing to relaxation.

Body massage is a cascade of new sensations, light and sensual. You relax with the help of erotic massage. Your muscles really relax, and the feelings are exacerbated to the limit. The reason for this is partly excruciating slowness of the ongoing abundance of caresses. A complete awakening of the erotic potential of your entire body, which leads you to orgasm.Making you forget about the anxieties and worries of the world around you, erotic Body Massage will fill you with energy for a relaxing leisurely rest, bringing special pleasure. Calm, leisurely movements that only occasionally become fast and teasing, this is what makes Body Massage irresistibly sensual.

Body massage:

Girl for 30 minutes doing a general relaxing massage. After this, she skillfully removes her erotic costume (If you wish, you can help her)

spreads itself and your strong and muscular body with essential oil. Gentle, pleasant touches by the chest, ass, belly will excite you until complete relaxation.

Massage without sex:

Therapeutic massage is used in various fields of medicine, psychology (psychotherapy), and sports. It aims to eliminate various pathological conditions and to create conditions for healthy functioning of the body.

Therapeutic massage includes a large arsenal of various techniques and techniques that are specific to each case, and can also be combined with other body-energy practices, complemented by special exercises aimed at ensuring a long-term effect.

Oil massage (oil massage):

Oil massage is a truly healing and pleasant procedure! Many centuries ago, it was the privilege of exclusively royal persons, who anointed themselves with oil almost daily. Oil massage was used in ancient Egypt, India, in the East, believing that it not only improves health and prolongs life, but also strengthens memory and the power of thoughts.

Regular oil massage improves sleep, appetite, soothes the nervous system, stimulates digestion, restores balance and balance of all body systems, in fact, postponing old age! Oil massage is particularly beneficial for the skin, giving it a healthy shine and elasticity, and in addition, it strengthens the subcutaneous tissue and muscles, stimulates hormonal metabolism, bone marrow, immunity, relieves general fatigue. Oil massage fans often improve their eyesight and even their teeth become stronger, tooth enamel is restored!

Various oils are used for oil massage: olive, sesame, almond, peach, apricot, avocado oil, jojoba, grape seed and many others, as well as essential oils. Oils can be used in pure form, but compositional compositions are much more effective, since by mixing their positive properties can be enhanced. The composition of the oil mixture is selected individually, taking into account the characteristics of the physique, skin type, existing diseases, psychological state and even the time of year.

Oil massage can be both general and local. You can take it as a course (2-3 times a year for 10-15 sessions), and individual sessions 1-2 times a week.

Massage naked body:

If a classic massage is done only with your hands, then a relax massage (in other words, body massage) is done by a beautiful masseuse with her naked body. The difference is significant, right? Want to know how this happens? — First, the masseuse smears herself beautifully with oil, and then begins to slide over your body. Her movements are reminiscent of a beautiful erotic dance. Hands, hair and even leggings are connected to the caresses! Relax massage is done to your complete satisfaction. Naturally, he enjoys special popularity among men, as it gives great pleasure.

Nude massage:

This massage implies a magical touch that has a powerful energy, an extremely delicate border of sensitivity with its mystery, tenderness, extraordinary attractiveness and eroticism of mutual touches and caresses of the intimate areas of the body.

Enhancing sexual energy will complement the observation of a naked girl wriggling in a dance body massage on your body.Also, for complete relaxation, the girl performs a classic massage.

Pamper yourself, plunge into the extraordinary world of caresses and quivering sensations!

Sensual massage:

Intuitive and sensual massage has a lot in common.

In both, the movement is directed intuitively, not according to a previously developed or known plan. And he and the other work not only at the level of the body, muscles and ligaments, but also on the energy, emotional and other plans. They allow deeper contact with bodily experiences and even in some cases heal.

Massage for men :

We offer you a very useful and at the same time very pleasant erotic massage for men. What is so pleasant and useful in this massage?

Our beautiful masseuses own this erotic massage. Moreover, in addition to classic and acupressure, they caress you with their hair and their beautiful naked body. Special attention should be paid to the end of the massage: the girl massages your “manhood” with her hands using a special Thai technique, trying to give you the greatest pleasure.

It is not only pleasant, but also useful. During the acupressure, the girl activates points that strengthen your immunity and increase potency! As you can see, this procedure is worth being experienced by men.

Striptease (private dance):

Striptease is an exciting, sensual, seductive dance that interests not only men, but also women. Erotic dance, the art of expressing sexuality in dance. Striptease is usually shown in nightclubs. The classic element of striptease is a pole (pole), around which a stripper dances and undresses. At the moment, pole dance or pole dance is developing as an independent direction in sports. A stripper can leave the stage in the hall and sit on her knees to visitors (this is often viewed as an additional service — the so-called “private dance”). A typical rule is that visitors are forbidden to touch a stripper with their hands, but it may concern a visitor. Local and central authorities set laws that determine how much a stripper is allowed to strip.

Massage of the Mistress :

The program of complete domination over you. Spanking, forcing, tying, insulting and strapon. You preliminarily discuss the components of the program with Mrs. and make up the program that is most suitable for you. Your world of fantasy and madness will come true. Mrs. will do for you whatever you want. You will beg for mercy, but the Lady will remain adamant and punishment awaits you.

Massage for couples :

Often, modern young couples give each other erotic massage, and also come to us on various personal and public holidays. Therefore, the question «Do you do erotic massage for couples?» We answer in the affirmative.

Peep Show :

You set off on a sensual journey into the world of erotica, where pleasure, the sorceress’s desire to surrender to sweet love, is colored by the amazing beauty of erotic dance. She performs it especially for you.

Lesbian show :

Unforgettable pleasure from lesbian shows will help you to experience the masseuses of our erotic massage salon.Lesbian show in the massage salon is a unique dance that gives untold pleasure to all who watch it.

Massage with strap-on :

Massage with a strap-on will be an unforgettable discovery for you. Couples who have experienced this at least once will again use a strapon.